If owning a pool seems like more work than play, let us handle the labor. We offer summer maintenance plans that are convenient and affordable. From full swimming pool cleaning to chemical checks, we’ll have your pool in top condition. We can provide swimming pool service at intervals from once a week to once a month. We'll work around your schedule! If you need equipment or swimming pool chemicals to keep your pool running as it should, we have it! Contact M & G Pools for all your pool care, maintenance, and service needs!

Swimming Pool Renovations & Swimming Pool Liners

M & G Pools can give your pool a whole new look. Whether you want to improve the safety around your pool with fences and custom pool covers, or you would like to add style with a new replacement swimming pool liner, we have the expert know-how and tools to get it done right.

A new swimming pool liner can give your pool a facelift. We have transformed countless pools in Cleveland, OH into dream pools. See what we can do today!

Swimming Pool Liners

Our expert team of swimming pool technicians can help you decide exactly what pool liner will work best in your pool, but there are always a few things that pool owners might not know, so here are a few pointers on how to make sure you get the most out of your pool liner.

  • First, maintain your water chemistry. Specifically, it’s important to keep chlorine and pH within the ideal range.
  • Second, ensure the liner is installed properly. If you’re not installing it yourself, ask the professional installer questions to be sure the company knows what they’re doing.
  • Third, try to keep dogs out of the pool as much as possible. If they do get in, keep them away from the liner. Basically, try to reduce the chance of puncture.

If you ever find that your pool liner is in need of repairs, your first call should be to M & G Pool Service!

Swimming Pool Repair

Pool Repair Service and Swimming Pool Repair You Can Trust

From equipment and hardware to swimming pool liners and safety covers, we have the expert repair staff to handle all of your needs. Before you throw away that pump or filter to buy a new one, let us provide swimming pool repair service that will save you money and keep your equipment running. From pool heater repair to pool pump repair and pool filter repair, we do it all! See our line of swimming pool equipment today!


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